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Lost Province is a book being currently written(Originally in estonian "Kadunud Provints") by Annabel Kongas. 

The art drawn for this is mostly in English or bilingual.

What is the Lost Province

Lost Province is an area isolated from the rest of the world. After the events of the Livonian war, a line of dukes were hidden with the whole town to secure their power for future notices. After WWII, as the province managed to stay hidden somewhere in the Baltics, it is revealed  to Estonia's higher officials, that this particular area exist. Having a document, since the Livonian times kept safe, which proves their superior influence over the country, the Province becomes the realistic center of power.

Yet it is kept hidden from the rest of the world and isolated, as it may flare up a new international conflict(the monarchy being under Poland). The members of the town are carefully chosen from the outside, and are kept down to a certain number. The mapped yet not marked border is heavily guarded, as the permanent residents of the area can rarely exit the Province.

The monarchy is currently at it's end, since only one person is left and he has no known children to take over the place. 

The country is controlled by the public political structure, yet the monarchy has a vast influence on the decisions, which is unknown for the public.

Within the Province, the monarch has undivided autocracy, which results the area to fall back in development of various areas, as the current monarch has made life near-dreadful and corrupted to it's citizens. 

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