Kadunud provints

Early design book cover(by the author, 2011) Characters: [from front to back] Anny, D, Ikha, Nantes, Anna

The protagonist of the story is a 15-year old girl, named Anny-Lee Lavamu.  

She notices  a mysterious person observing her from far, as she is passing through a schoolyard with her friends. As they see the mysterious figure advance towards them, they pull away. Yet Anny became fascinated with this and moved to meet the other on the other side of the fence.

Although the guy tried, Anny wasn't intimidated by him so she agreed for a walk. The person revealed only his alias, D.

After a short while of chatter, D grabbed ahold of the junction between Anny's neck and shoulder, forcing her to faint, her last thought being: What have I done?!

The House

The House is the place where Anny wakes up after being abducted by D. There are long hallways, a lot of rooms, all decorated in red/burgundy colour.

She soon meet up with other members of the place, seeing as D is nowhere to be found for the time being. Firstly, Anna(D's twin sister, 17), greets the terrified girl and furthermore in the book takes her under her wing.

She also meets the stoic, self-proclaimed head of the house, Ikha(21) and a visiting member Nantes(18), who seems quite positive and open at first glance.

The three members of the house are represented as dark outlined shadows on the early cover design.

The Province(town)

Next thing, she will be taken to the province the first time by Anna. Again, Anny will be asleep, having no idea of the journey as she wakes up in the back room of a pub. Making her way out, she meets an impulsive gambler Noah(19), who turns out to be a part of the group as well.

It is explained, that the house works against the high officials and monarchy, that runs the singled out and isolated Province.

Finishing her brief tour around the province town, Anny needs to confront an ultimatium, since the group gave her free will to go back, if she only chooses to.