Lost province by mixu200-d4zbd24

Early design(2012) Characters: Noah, Anny

Anny-Lee Lavamu is the narrative protagonist of the book. She is 15 years old in the beginning of the book.

Before getting abducted, she had a quite vague life, as a 9th grader in school. She loves to swim and went to practice to keep her health steady and also has a big interest in history.


She is talkative, yet insecure, as the trait emerges clearly, after she is taken to the Province of the first time. As she accustoms to the place, her confidence will rise throughout the book. Anny is fairly curious yet learns to time her questions, being level-headed and rational as possible. Generally, she will take no impulsive decision without thinking it through first. This trait of action is challenged by Noah, who edges her on to unexpected situations, knowinly annoying the girl as he does so. The first time she acted on mere impulse by herself, was when D asked her along for a walk. 

She hates violence by all means yet suprisingly wounds and blood don't throw her off as much as she originally thought.  Anny gets easily impressed and tries to see all good in people, explaining the sudden trust she developes for most of the House members she knows.


Anny has diry-blonde/light brown hair, which extends past her shoulder. She has a fringe messy that at times get in the way of her sight. She is 167 cm tall is fairly pale. Her eyes are a mixture between blue and dark grey.

In the beginning of the book she wears dark skinny jeans, worn out sneakers, and a light blue sweatshirt.

She isn't comfortable with "traditionally girly" clothes as she puts it and feels more at bay wearing loose, comfortable as possible non-bright clothes.

She carries a dark beige bag with her which contains a significant book, that updates itself with happenings of the Province in real-time. The reason of this effect has yet to be explained, as seemingly, it only works in Anny's posession. This is one of the reasons she was abducted in the first place.


Anny is the youngest child of his family. Her brother had moved out and her father works abroad and returns home in every 2-6 weeks for a short amount of time. 

Her mother, Teele is a homemaker. She lets her kids thrive to personal independence, as she is easily convinced by the cover-up story of a certain camp, letting Anny venture to the Province. As long as the children are home though, she seems fairly strict as Anny was certain she would not agree with her going off for such a time.

Anny cares for her family deeply and feels slightly guilty, knowing her mum is left alone at home.

They live in a city apartment, on the 4th floor.

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